Mercedes Sprinter Van

The Mercedes Sprinter Vans are very stylish and high-performance vans. They are used for both business and pleasure as per your needs. Even though the vehicle itself is large but also it is very much organized from the inside. Some of the many features of this Vehicle are as follows:

  • Active Brake Assist
  • Blind Spot Assist Mirror
  • LED Performance Headlights and so on.

Types of Mercedes Sprinter Vans

2019 Mercedes Sprinter Van

The 2019 Mercedes Sprinter Van 2500 model comes with a 170″ wheelbase. It comes with an innovative safety feature that will keep your crew and family member safe. The three factors that make this vehicle great are Toughness, Efficiency, Power.

It has an adjustable steering wheel and automatic headlights. The van itself is technology-friendly as it has hands free Bluetooth Integration. It comes with a tire monitoring system built inside the vehicle.

Besides these amazing features of the van, a lot of addition in the interiors and exteriors can be done by custom conversion.

Furthermore, you can check the images in the gallery. Also, to know more about the vehicle visit the official website.

Mercedes Sprinter Van

2019 Sprinter Passenger Van

The 2019 Sprinter Passenger Van is a Spacious and Luxurious vehicle that comes with beautiful looks besides its large size. It offers seating for up to 15 adults. The vehicle has an impressive interior standing height for up to 6″ 3′.

The Air Conditioners used in the vehicles are of high performance. It comes in 2 versions which are 144″ wheelbase, 170″ wheelbase. However, in the Executive Custom Coach  there is a 170″ extended wheelbase; a conversion of 2019 Sprinter Passenger Van.

The Van has a 2.0 Liter 4-cylinder turbo gasoline,* 3.0 Liter 6-cylinder turbo diesel. It has a height of 109.1 inches but the length varies from 233.5″ to 290″. It has a maximum cargo volume of 111.2 cubic feet.

Furthermore, information regarding the specification of all the models can be seen from this page(Specification). The images of the vehicle can be seen in the for sale section.

2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger Van

Sprinter Van Conversion

Sprinter Van Conversion makes the vehicle more user-friendly for both pleasure and business purposes. Furthermore, the interiors and exteriors of the vans are customized as per the request of the customer.

What our Company Offers?

Our company is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Conversion Company in California. We provide the conversion of various vehicles of Mercedes Benz. Some of the many Vehicles are as follows:

  • Mercedes Sprinter Vans
  • Mercedes Passenger Vans
  • Sprinter Limousines

You can see some of the glimpses of our work. For more images please visit the Gallery Section

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Interior
Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van Conversion
Sprinter Limousine

Features after Sprinter Van Conversion

Executive Sprinters

The Executive Sprinter comes with 50 inches wide TV including Blu-Ray facilities with high-quality audios. It has a wooden floor with handcrafted leather seats for comfort. The wheels are custom painted. It has a high-performance Air Conditioner running inside the vehicle.

You can add Minibar and Cocktail section in the van. Also, the high-quality stereo will play your favorite music throughout the journey.

Likewise, many more customization can be done as per the demand of the customers. These are few of many conversions that can be done to the Sprinter Van.


Mercedes Sprinter Van

Family Traveler

The Family Traveler section of our company will help you make your family ride more enjoyable and comfortable. It will hold up to 7 adults and is very spacious. The last row of the seats can be easily accessed without disturbing the front rows.

The walls are sued with custom soft Italian Leathers and stitched with perfection. The seats will be comfortable to not only adults but also for your children. Moreover, you can keep your kids happy throughout the journey by playing their favorite movies and even adding a Gaming Console in the Vehicle.

Family Traveller

Sprinter Limousine

The company offers a Sprinter Limousine section. It is luxurious from the outside and very comfortable from the inside. The Seats are made up of Italian Leathers which are stitched to perfection. It will be suitable for your parties. The Sprinter Limousine is customized with high performance AC, Gaming Consoles. Besides these there is additional 50″ Television and High Quality Stereo’s for the audio.

Sprinter Limousine Interior

In conclusion, being a Sprinter Van Conversion Company in California for us luxury and quality always comes first. We work on the principle to make our customers more than satisfied. For more information regarding our company; Please Contact Us:

Phone Number: 1-310-562-1553