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Executive Custom Coach is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van conversion company in California. We come with many years of experience in the development and innovation of Mercedes Executive Sprinters, Sprinter Limousines and Family Travelers. There is a complete line of luxurious and private Vans and Limousines which is completely suitable for your family and friends for relaxation and parties.

Your family deserves a comfortable ride. We have a complete range of Mercedes Benz Executive Sprinter from 144” wheelbase, 170” wheelbase and 170’ Extended wheelbase from low top roof to high top roof. These are some of the many vehicles we have in our inventory. The other vehicles includes Sprinter limousines, Sprinter passenger van and so on.

When you get your vehicle from Executive Custom Coach it will be of finest fit and finish. You can expect the best and quality assured vehicle. The walls are covered with our soft Italian leathers which are stitched to perfection. You will be very much delighted and show the resultant product with pride when your new sprinter van becomes a family design from the executive style.
We will not leave any stones unturned and take the entertainment zone to another level for you and your guests. In the executive package, you can serve cocktails and drinks from the bar while listening to the music of your choice in the sprinter van surrounding it with gaming consoles such as PlayStation. The entertainment zone can be all made custom as you desire and the elements you want to add are completely up to you.
The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van conversion will elevate the vehicle to the utmost comfort and is as much as the comfort you might get on the plane itself. The captain’s chair included in our executive package is both luxurious and spacious. The chair is beautifully diamond double stitched and includes a power recliner. The executive package can make your commute comfortable, spacious, and luxurious and makes you feel as if you are staying in a private jet. We have the images you can check out by visiting our gallery.
There are varieties of Mercedes Executive Sprinter vans, executive Sprinter limousines and Family Travelers too. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter van conversion images in the gallery will show you exactly how luxurious your vehicle will look.
The For Sale section showcases different types of latest Mercedes Executive Sprinters and limousines model that are kept for sale. Some of the types of vehicles in the section are given as follows:

2022 white Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500 170ext. and So on.



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We have been in business since 2006 and that is why we know exactly what customers are looking for


We understand the dynamic of a business and know what it takes to satisfy your customers


A large selection of executive Sprinter and limousines for business or personal use


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We give great attention to detail to the work given to us and know exactly what customers want and deliver the result to their satisfaction. This is not just another Mercedes Benz Sprinter van conversion company. At the beginning we started out as a limousine service. So, that is why we know exactly what customers and limousine owners are looking for.


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